Decision Extract of the Senate Meeting held on 15th January 2021

As the institution continues to grow, it is deemed necessary to create a new fee structure, for the institution to maintain and enhance it’s operation and quality of ICT education delivery, hence the senate meeting to discuss the new fee structure for the national innovation programme at SQI College of ICT.

It is important to note that The National Board for Technical Education(NBTE) has its own curriculum that is enforced for all Diploma Students; while we also have a standard professional Certificate Programme curriculum for our students. The new fee structure makes it easier to administer both curriculums to students enrolled in the NID programme at SCICT, which can be taken simultaneously, as we seek to build students who stand out from the crowd.

During the course of the meeting, it was decided that;

  • Beginning From March 2021/2022 Academic session, Professional certificate Programmes for National Innovation Diploma (NID) Students will no longer be free at SQI College of ICT.
  • The Professional certificate Programme remains a requirement for graduation. This is what distinguishes SCICT students from students from other institutions.
  • The professional certificate programme can be taken in any of the campuses.
    • National Diploma activities hold only at the main campus.
  • Students don’t need to make payments for or take both programs at once. But all required courses must be taken and passed before graduation.
  • Current students taking professional courses can convert to a Diploma Program by paying an application and acceptance fee of N20,000 and N65,000 per semester.
  • It is compulsory for New students applying for the Diploma Programme to take the Professional certificate courses and make payments for both programmes.
  • The new fee structure shall take effect from March 2021 when the application for the new session will be commence.
  • The new fee structure does not affect the existing students.
  • Students may choose to run their Professional certificate courses electively (i.e, a student may come for Professional Programs during holiday instead of running it together with their academic works).

NID ( National Innovative Diploma) students are to receive two certificates, the NID certificate and the Professional Certificate after the completion of the program.

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Engr. Aderinto Fredrick