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What is the difference between the professional Certificate Programme and National Inovation Diploma

The Professional Certificate Programme is a wide range of edge-cutting IT certification courses offered in SQI College of ICT to people who want to advance their career while The National Innovation Diploma (NID) offered at SQI College of ICT is an approved academic program of National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) an important organ under the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education. The National Innovation Diploma programme provides access to Technical and Vocational education in Nigeria.

When students complete academic studies, they are awarded the National Innovation Diploma which is equivalent to and conforms with the standard National Diploma certificates awarded in polytechnics and mono-technics in Nigeria.

Students who successfully complete the NID programme can use the Diploma certificate to seek admissions into the University through Direct Entry or for Higher National Diploma (HND).

Which course is the best for me?

There’s no particular yardstick to tell which course could be best for you. You may likely view our course brochure to find a course that suits you.

You may also visit any of our offices for counseling.

Or chat with us on WhatsApp

What if I don’t have time to come to class?

In case you have a strong passion for learning but you cannot afford to be physically present for classes for one reason or the other, you may consider joining either of our virtual classes or online tutorials.
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I’m a student, can I combine SQI training with my academics?

Yes, you can combine your ICT training with your academic. Whether you are in the university or you’re a secondary school student, our calendar and learning options are flexible and can be tailored to suit your way of life.

I have a job, can I combine my work with SQI training?

Yes, you can work and learn ICT skills at SQI. Our learning options make it seamless to choose a plan of study that appeals to your personality or suits the nature of your work. Check out our learning options here.

Tell me about SQI scholarships?

In 2011 SQI College of ICT, then known as SQI ICT Academy, launched a yearly scholarship program to open a wider window of opportunity to every promising individual who is passionate about acquiring an ICT skill, and today we have trained and certified over 4000 youths who currently hold important and viable positions in various organizations nationwide.

The scholarship program is open to every individual between ages 13 to 45.
This annual scholarship program gives everyone (i.e O-level, A-Level, School Leavers, Undergraduates, Employed Graduates, Unemployed Graduates etc.) an opportunity to take any of our ICT courses at little or no cost.

How can I apply for the scholarship?

To participate in our yearly scholarship program visit the scholarship page on our website to get started

When is the next SQI scholarship?

2023 scholarship starts 1st of July – 5th of August. Kindly visit the scholarship page on our website to apply before it ends.

What do I bring when coming for the scholarship test?

Details of what you need to bring when coming for the scholarship will be stated on the website.

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