Flexible study structure tailored to everyone’s need.

Studying to reach your ICT certification goals has been made easy with our strategically structured mode of study, designed to flexibly suit everyone who comes in for any of our programs and courses. We are passionate about qualitative education in ICT and we are dedicated to delivering qualitative training to our students through highly skilled instructors in a serene environment that facilitates innovative thinking and unique expressions of abilities and capabilities.

In-Person Classes

At SQI College of ICT, our in-person classes are structured in such a way that permits a cordial instructor-to-student relationship. Our classes are well equipped to ensure that a student makes the most of their learning experience. We try as much as possible to ensure that our classes are effectively administered by the instructors to foster an excellence mindset in the student in line with the college’s vision of making Africa a tech continent. In-person classes can be taken at our main campus or at any of our campus branches for any of our programs and courses.

Virtual Classes

Virtual classes come with the ease of connectivity with live classes from anywhere and at any time. Opting for our virtual class option saves you the stress of coming for in-person classes, especially for students who do not reside within proximity of any of our campus branches and also for people who for one reason or the other cannot attend in-person classes. This option is available for any of our programs and all our courses. With a network-enabled device, you can connect with our virtual classes anywhere you are. The quality of the knowledge passed remains undiluted. Studying has never been easier.

Online Tutorials

A student may also opt-in for our online tutorial options, especially students who can’t keep up with attending either of our in-person or virtual classes. The Online tutorial is structured to enable every registered student to have adequate access to class resource materials, recorded class videos and lots more on the student portal to make learning easier and flexible for such student, such that the student can learn at their own pace. The Online tutorial option also allows the student to ask questions directly from the instructors of courses when they require clarifications about what has been learnt so far. The Online tutorial option is structured into modules to make learning easy and the student is tested on every module learnt.

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