Executive Professional Certificate Programme

Acquire a professional certification in ICT at your convenience.

With SQI executive class, learners have the chance to pick any of our edge-cutting professional courses and cover more over the weekends on a one-on-one basis with highly seasoned and dedicated instructors.

Our executive classes are learner-centred – an approach that places the learner at the centre of the learning.

You can apply for a course today in pursuance of a new career path or to hone your skills in your already chosen profession.

Today, we live in a world that is fast erupting technologically and the changes we experience cuts across all facets of every businesses, industries and institution. World leaders, business leaders and policymakers across all strata are now looking beyond the container to see the content; shifting their interest in hiring and retaining employees from how good the grades on their CVs are to what they can offer their organization. 

Are you a CEO, Banker, School Teacher, Consultant, or any other professional with interest in ICT with little to no time for classes during the week? Are you married or think you are far above school age? Are you a fan of leading by creative disruption? If your answer is yes, our executive professional certificate programme is the perfect option for you. 

Ready to take your career to the next level?

Available Courses


The course focused on taking ideas and inspiration and transforming them into usable designs that make a big impression. The “UI” stands for “user interface.” The user interface is the graphical layout of an application while “UX” stands for…


Software engineering is a discipline that combines engineering and computer science concepts in the development and maintenance of reliable, usable, and dependable software and at SQI…

Duration of Course

The courses are structured into levels and each level runs for 2 months (i.e. 8 weeks). However, those enrolled for the Executive Procert Programme will only take their classes on Fridays, Saturday and on Sundays depending on the volume of the learning track to be covered. A total of  10 hours per weekend which equals a total of 40 learning hours a month.

Application Fee

Every student who wishes to pursue a professional certificate program at SQI College of ICT is required to pay a non-refundable application fee of ₦5000 and an ID Card fee of ₦1000

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Tuition per Level

The cost of taking the Executive Professional Certificate Programme at SQI College of ICT is   100,000 per level.

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