Good day, the general public,

The outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic is no longer news to anyone as it has caused a worldwide panic, and the damage of the outbreak in all sectors and on human lives has been so devastating on everyone.

Adhering to the order given by the Federal Government to close down all social activities and gatherings so as to curb the continuous spread of COVID-19, we are sad to inform you that our physical classes will be on hold starting from the 23rd of March till further notice.

Nevertheless, our remote classes will continue in a number of departments. We as an institution have an effective school management system that is standing the test of this time. With Edozzier, an AI School Management System, we have been able to effectively and successfully take all the physical operations of an institution online. Lecturers and students will take and receive their classes, tests and examinations remotely. The entire administration will effectively do every of their jobs like they were in their physical offices. We care about the development of our students and do not want anything to interrupt their learning.

In lieu of this, we enjoin everyone not to panic, stay at home, wash your hands often, and avoid social gatherings.

Any other important information will be duly passed across. Stay safe.

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