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SQI College of ICT offers both National Diploma and Professional Certificate programmes.

The diploma Certificate conforms with the standard National Diploma Certificate obtained in Polytechnics while the Professional certificate is the certificate you earn after taking a professional course here at SQI.

You can use the Diploma certificate to seek admissions into the University through Direct Entry or for Higher National Diploma (HND). While the professional Certificate is recognized worldwide not as a degree but as a proof of having undergone professional training in the field for which the certificate is issued.

Our alumni work at world-class companies around the world including

Our alumni work at world-class companies around the world including

Making Africa a Tech Continent…

We focus on quality teaching, learning and training to the globally acceptable productivity standard in accordance with the requirements of the industry, for which necessary research and preparation of courses are ensured to make industry-ready professionals.

SQI College of ICT is closely watching the interaction of industry and academia, getting feedback from our industry partners to provide the needed training while concentrating to contribute industry needed professionals in a very flexible study structure.

Our Top Courses

Take a look at some of our popular courses

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is one of the most in-demand jobs across the globe today.

Software Engineers are also known as programmers, developers or coders. They are the ones behind all the apps and software you use today either on your phone or computer within your browser. Software such as banking apps, booking apps, mailing apps (e.g Gmail), Chat apps (e.g WhatsApp) and other Social apps (e.g Twitter, Facebook) and many more are created by software engineers.

Data Science & Analysis

The eruption of data is transforming indiviuals and businesses. Companies either big or small are now expecting their business decisions to be based on data-led insight.

Data specialists have a tremendous impact on business strategies and marketing tactics because everyone now depends on data to formulate improved strategies for the future of their companies.

UI/UX – Product Design

More than ever before individuals and businesses are relying on digital products and services. From online meeting tools to finance, from e-commerce platforms to healthcare and food apps. Making an intuitive digital product design is even more import at this time as it determines the overall experience of the users.

Here, you’ll build your product design skillset from the bottom up with lessons, mentorship sessions, and career advice from our design professionals.

Digital Literacy

This course is designed to prepare you for success in a modern world full of computers—not only the traditional computers such as desktop and notebook PCs but also computers that you interact with in other places too, like your bank’s ATM or your employer’s computerized cash register. In this course, you will learn about the technologies that drive our computerized society, including the Internet and local area networks (LANs).

Taking this course will help you become a digitally literate person—that is, someone who understands how computer technology fits into our modern society and knows how to navigate a variety of computing environments.

Why study at SQI?

Project Based Learning

Our courses are practical, hands-on learning. Practice and apply knowledge faster with real-world Web Development projects you can show off.

Expert Instructors

Get to interact with different mentors and draw from their loads of experience.

Physical & Virtual Class

You can now choose physical class experience or online classroom and learn from anywhere in the world.

Free access to our hub and community

You will have access to our fully functional hub for co-working and working on projects, assignments and even begin a start-up.


Job Opportunity

78.5% of our students found secure employment within three months of graduation. Students leave from learning to getting job roles

Alumni Support

Our students have access to alumni who currently work at top tech organizations in the world such as Google, Microsoft, Interswitch etc.


Be certified by an accredited and globally recognized institution. SQI got its accreditation in Sept 2021 from the NBTE, Nigeria.


Access to study materials

Students have access to prerecorded videos and resources they can make use of to further solidify their knowledge.


Read what our current students and alumni have to say about their SQI experience.

Omolola OmolabakeOmolola Omolabake
19:32 29 Dec 21
Coming to SQI has made me believe that life has more to offer.Talking about being experienced in ICT rapidly, SQI deserves uncountable recommendations.Thank u SQI for making me believe more in myself, thanks for bringing out some qualities that I'll never think of years to come in my life.My heart is full of gratitude
Cherish OrdiaCherish Ordia
21:35 08 Aug 21
It is a great place to learn. It is a condusive environment filled with loving and patient teachers,a wonderful and admirable manager and supportive and cheerful students. For the past month have been here, it's been great
Oladimeji SodeeqOladimeji Sodeeq
13:48 05 Aug 21
It's an awesome place to learn. It has a serene environment, the tutors are friendly and very explanatory. I really love the place
Oluwaseyi OdekomayaOluwaseyi Odekomaya
11:35 05 Aug 21
I've compared other platforms to this one to be honest and they don't measure up. The platforms that give a comparable level of the quality of skills cost a lot more and don't even offer a guarantee of access to real world project and situations... The ones available at a cheaper price so to say do not give a level of quality even close to it... Some platforms charge a lot more and yet still falter in the delivery of good contents... Another aspect that I noticed in comparison is that instructors at SQI College of ICT are actually interested in ensuring their students understand what they are learning. They take joy in ensuring the students comprehend and are able to apply what is being taught and explain in the simplest ways possible to ensure maximum comprehension....I'm not sharing this because I have any affiliation with SQI College of ICT, I'm doing so because it's simply the truth. If anyone else tries to make their research, they will find out that it's true too.
Emmanuel ToluwanimiEmmanuel Toluwanimi
17:01 18 May 21
SQI is one of the things I’m thankful for in my life. I’ve spent six months in SQI and I can say it’s one of the best moments in my life. The staffs are accommodating and very excellent at their job. The tutors don’t just teach, they mentor students. They make coding fun and understandable for learners. I’m able to achieve a lot enrolling with them. I’ve been able to build amazing web projects under their tutelage. ENROLL WITH SQI AND YOU WILL BE PROUD YOU DID.

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