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Digital technologies are transforming the potential and practice of marketing, this form of marketing links consumers with sellers electronically using interactive technologies like emails, websites, online forums and newsgroups, interactive television, mobile communications etc.

This exhaustive course on Digital Marketing will equip you with the right tools and knowledge to kickstart your career. 



You will emerge with the advanced skills to generate more value for customers and more business growth generate more value for customers by developing an integrated marketing strategy that blends proven marketing paradigms with the latest innovations.


Digital Marketing

This program prepares you to build and emerge with the frameworks, concepts and tools to drive profitable growth through a more forward-thinking approach to marketing strategy development and implementation. You’ll learn General Introduction to Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO & SEM, Social Media Ads & Analytics, Website Design, Content creation, and more. This course is packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples to help you become a certified digital marketer.

Combined Curriculum – 10 months: Every 2 months #200,000 | (Twice 10% off) ₦900,000 ₦450,000 | (Upfront 15% off) ₦100,000,000 ₦850,000

Digital Marketing (Web Marketing) – 4 months: Every 2 months #180,000 | (Upfront 15% off) 400,000 ₦360,000

Digital Marketing (Social Media Marketing) – 4 months: Every 2 months #180,000 | (Upfront 15% off) 400,000 ₦360,000

Digital Marketing (Video Marketing) – 4 months:Every 2 months #180,000 | (Upfront 15% off) 400,000₦360,000

Digital Marketing (Email Marketing) – | 4 months: Every 2 months #180,000 | (Upfront 15% off) ₦400,000 ₦360,000

Physical Class: Yes | Standard (2hrs/day, 2 days/week) | Extreme (2 hours/day, 4 days/week) | (Ogbomoso | Ibadan | Abeokuta | Osogbo).

Virtual Class: Yes – 5 hours/day | Weekends | (Instructor-led and interactive)

Learn from the best

Experienced Instructors

Our mentors are experienced, working professionals who coach students through roadblocks during their course while sharing key problem-solving strategies that will set them up for success and continual growth on the job.



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Why Study at SQI?

Project Based Learning

This course is practical, hands-on learning. Practice and apply knowledge faster with real-world Web Development projects you can show off

Expert Instructors

Get to interact with a different mentors and draw from their loads of experience.

Physical & Virtual Class

You can now choose physical class experience or online classroom and learn from anywhere in the world.

Free access to our hub and community.

You will have access to our fully functional hub for co-working and working on projects, assignments and even begin a start-up.

Access to study materials

Students have access to prerecorded videos and resources they can make use of to further solidify their knowledge.

Job Opportunity

78.5% of our students found secure employment within three months of graduation. Students leave from learning to getting job roles

Alumni Support

Our students have access to alumni who currently work at top tech organizations in the world such as Google, Microsoft, Interswitch etc


Be certified by an accredited and globally recognized institution. SQI got its accreditation in Sept 2021 from the NBTE, Nigeria.



Campus Tour


Campus Tour



Frequently Asked

+ Who Can Take This Course?

Anyone and everyone that has a passion for learning and starting a career in marketing, branding or advertising. These include Undergraduate students, Graduates, Workers, Youth Corpers, and anyone as long as becoming a Digital Marketer is aligned with your goals.

+ Do I get certified after my training?

Yes, you’ll be certified by an internationally recognized and nationally accredited institution.

+ What is Job outlook growth for software developers?

Developers are in high demand!

According to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook growth for web developers is more than double the national average for all job growth through 2026!

This growing need for developers is why desperate employers in major cities around the nation are paying top dollar to web developers who can demonstrate the skills they need to get the job done – whether that’s building a website for a start-up company or coding the next big mobile app for tech giants like Microsoft, Google, or Apple.

+ I am a student, and we are currently on holiday, what happens when my school resumes?

Students in school can pause their training when they resume and continue during the next break.

+ What else do I need to start this course?

Taking this course will require that you have access to a personal laptop

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SQI has taught over 6,000 graduates across different countries. 78.5% of our students found secure employment within three months of graduation.

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