Course Overview

An engineering discipline that is on the rise, robotics engineering is a breeding ground for creativity and innovation from people with a background in mechanical, electrical, or software engineering.


A roboticist is a behind-the-scenes designer, who is responsible for creating robots and robotic systems that are able to perform duties that humans are either unable or prefer not to complete. Anything you have fantasized about as a child might be realized in the form of an automated system and synchronization with other devices that interact with a robot.

What do you stand to gain from studying with us?

  • Wide range of Career Opportunities: SQI doesn’t just train, we consult and develop enterprise applications for various businesses and organizations. This relationship with mostly top companies has created lots of readily available opportunities for our students. The experience of most of these companies with our past students also make them want more; we have never met their demands. Make it easy for us. Apply now!
  • Opportunity for Internship Positions: You get the opportunity to serve with our top clients. You acquire real life experience while you bless them with your latest skillset. 
  • A broad network with professionals: Get access to top and highly revered developer networks with lots of opportunity.

How relevant is Robotics Engineering in the labour market?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) puts robotics engineers in its category for mechanical engineers. The organization’s projections show 9% job market growth from 2016 through 2026, which is as fast as average. The BLS expects the addition of 25,300 jobs over the forecast period.

Wages & Jobs Trends

A Robotics Engineer can earn salaries between $64000 to $96000 based on experience and education levels. Robotics Engineers will most likely receive a salary of Eighty Eight Thousand Eight Hundred dollars per year.

The skills you will learn

Through your 2 years stay at the college, you’ll learn the rudiments of: 


  • Systems Thinking & Artificial Intelligence.
  • The Programming Mindset.
  • Active Learning.
  • Mathematics.
  • Science or other Applied Mathematics.
  • Judgment and Decision Making.
  • Communication skills.
  • Technology Design.

Career Options in Robotics Engineering 

A student of Robotics Engineering may become amongst many other things, any of the following:


  • Robotics Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Process Engineer
  • Controls Engineer
  • Machining Manager
  • CAD Designer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Hardware Engineer

Who can apply?

  • Secondary School graduates
  • JAMBites
  • Tech enthusiasts
  • Intending Roboticists


With the first-of-its-kind diploma in robotics engineering and one of the first such graduate programs in the nation, SCICT is at the forefront of robotics education and research.


Our passion for robotics is evident in everything we do—we have a dedicated and enthusiastic faculty and staff along with strong industry connections; perform breakthrough research; provide hands-on work with robotic devices in our many state-of-the-art labs; prioritize space for experimentation, and foster collaboration.

Study to become a Robotic Engineer

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