Android Basic Programmer 

The course provides an introduction to Android Programming and allows someone with a basic or no knowledge of programming to start creating Android Applications.This is also recommended for someone who has programmed before and knows basics of Java, or someone who prefer to learn Java first, then focus on the details of the Android platform later.


  • User Interface
  • User Input
  • Multi-Screen Apps
  • Networking
  • Data Storage

Duration and Cost
One quarter (2 and half months)
N50,000 per qtr

Android Specialist Programmer 

This is for a programmer who is already familiar with Android Development and looking to take a deep dive into a particular area of expertise as it relates to Android.


  • Java Basics
  • Firebase
  • Material Science
  • Android TV and Google Cast
  • Android Auto, Android Wear
  • Google Maps
  • Google Location Services
  • Google Analytics
  • 2D Game Development with LIBGDX

    Duration and Cost
    Three quarters (7 and half months)
    N50,000 per qtr

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