Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 6 Programmer Curriculum

(Junior Associate Programmer)

Java is a powerful computer programming language that is fun for novices and appropriate for experienced programmers to use in building substantial information systems.
The course emphasizes achieving program clarity through the proven techniques of object-oriented programming. Nonprogrammers will learn programming the right way from the beginning. The presentation is clear, straightforward and abundantly illustrated. It includes hundreds of working Java programs and shows the outputs produced when those programs are run on a computer. We teach Java features in the context of complete working Java programs


Fundamental Object-Oriented Concepts

Java Implementation of Object-Oriented Concepts

Algorithm Design and Implementation

Java Development Fundamentals

Java Platforms and Integration Technologies

Client Technologies

Server Technologies

Duration and Cost
One quarter (2 and half months)
N50,000 per qtr

Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 7 Programmer Curriculum

(Associate Programmer)


Java Basics

Working with Java Data Types Using Operators and Decision Constructs

Creating and Using Arrays

Using Loop Constructs

Working with Methods and Encapsulation

Working with Inheritance

Handling Exceptions

Working with Selected classes from the Java API

Creating a GUI with Swing

Creating a JavaFX GUI

Duration and Cost
Two quarters (5 months)
N50,000 per qtr

SQI Certified Master Full-Stack Developers 

Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer Curriculum

(Professional Programmer)


Java Class Design

Advanced Java Class Design

Generics and Collections

Lambda Built-in Functional Interfaces

Java Stream API Exceptions and Assertions

Use Java SE 8 Date/Time API

Java I/O Fundamentals

Java File I/O (NIO.2)

Java Concurrency

Building Database Applications with JDBC


Duration and Cost
Three quarters (7 and half months)
N50,000 per qtr

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